Microprogram The Leading Brand of Intelligent Identification and


More than 700 YouBike stations are located in 6 counties/cities in Taiwan. People can lend, ride and return the bike anytime, anywhere, making it so easy to travel in the city by bike. People can go everywhere by holding a card in hand. The stations best demonstrate the integration of IoT and electronic payments. Microprogram is the one behind the success of YouBike operating system.


In 2009, Microprogram formed a partnership with Giant to develop the operating system for YouBike, allowing people to rent YouBikes by electronic payments. Lots of problems occurred during the initial implementation after the launch of YouBike. Later on, as the system was modified and more stations were installed, YouBike has swung from loss to profit and created an economic miracle.


Microprogram has become the leading brand of intelligent identification and electronic payment in Taiwan, ever since the success of YouBike. With the RFID technology, Microprogram managed to expand its business from YouBike rentals to electronic payment services for parking lots, transportation tickets and vending machines, and the smart lock. Microprogram continues to showcase its innovative success to the entire industry.


Despite the fact that it is the largest electronic ticket supplier, Microprogram faced the bottleneck in operations. Therefore, it joined the "Promote Innovation and Upgrade of High Growth SME's Quality Management Program" held by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration in 2016. With the reinforced of the integration of internal resources and systematic management, as well as the introduction of the evaluation system for Eight Dimensions of the Taiwan National Quality Awards and utilized TPIM. Microprogram has implemented the KPI systematically.


Microprogram views corporate service from the perspective of future users. Its embraces innovative perspectives in industry, academic and research units to encourage creativity and smart life. Microprogram hopes that the government can help different industries work with each other and enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan SMEs to create fruitful business opportunities for everyone.